Gran Canaria to Lisbon (Evelop A350)

Evelop is a Spanish airline focusing on charter and holiday flights. That’s why most if not all of their aircraft are full economy!

I love realistic routes and missions, so I thought Evelop’s 432 pax aircraft would be great for a repatriation flight to Portugal, as it has been used in the past weeks.

Routing: GCLP-LPPT (2hr flight time, both airports controlled by ATC)
Aircraft: Evelop A350
Server: Expert
Load: 420PAX + 4379KG baggage

Let me know what you think!

Iberia A350 taking off to Madrid.

Rotation was smooth - fuel on board only for 3hrs flight time.

Preparing to retract flaps and.. Probably should have turned off landing lights by now..

Great traffic in LIS, mostly to Casablanca and London, as per the day's ATC schedule.


I liked that pic with the IB A359 on background

Nice shots too

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Pretty cool, I must say.

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Great photos, mate ;)

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Landing lights are turned off at 10,000 feet AGL :)