Gran Canaria—> Manchester

Route - Gran Canaria —> Manchester
Airline - Monarch
Aircraft - 757-200
Event - Gran Canaria Flyout
Server - Expert
Callsign - LSVA007
Time - 1500Z/1600BST

Credit to @Charlieab29 and @InfiniteFlightDeck for the last images

Many Thanks to the people who attended my Flyout as it was great to see so much realistic traffic on the Island!

Anyone who would like to know more about the deceased airline, Monarch, Feel free to look at the Link below!

Thanks for Looking at my pictures!


Awesome shots!

Especially those of us at the remote stands, the colours are so nice with the beautiful sunset 😍


Jeez I miss monarch 🤧. Great photos though they look amazing!


Ahh, Monarch. How I miss Monarch.

Some awesome shots you got there!

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