Hi help me please this has been brought up a lot of times where o where can I find my grading and reports I’ve tried everywhere thanks guys For your landings , ect …

For your grading requirements ( doesn’t show your grade )

You have said before that you tried LiveFlight, did you start a flight and click on your plane?

Or go to and login with your Infinite Flight Facebook/Google account - it shows all your stats.

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That doesn’t show violations

Yeah it actually does for me :-)

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Really? Maybe they changed it, I can remember being corrected for saying it didn’t show violations.

I did a few days ago, and it does come up

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I just checked, my bad! It doesn’t. Must be my short term memory loss :-/


Oops were all human. thanks for the advice EdT don’t think I’ll be here much longer had a LITTLE! blow out at all the people that moan and bitch about( what should be where and this should not be on this page bla bla bla )
shame liked this sim but I’ve herd x plane is good also so I’ll check that one out its quite unwelcoming here (when your a new start ) lol lasted long shame I spent a few bob on this sim management… Take note !!! I’m pissed

Was that all because of me? Sorry :-(

Nooo not at all im thanking you because you started to help me and a few others .


Dude you have done nothing to upset me you were helping me get used to this site and thank you for that

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Maybe we should start thinking about moderators giving people warnings for off topic/unhelpful/rude/mean/inappropriate comments and topics?

Oh ok, we like to keep this site organized so people can find there way to information easier. That’s why you may see some people telling people the correct way to post something.

@EdT Moderators already give warnings for rude comments, that’s why they’re here. And we’re getting off topic, that’s for another thread ;)

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Yeh that and make the site a little more … Less complicated I am not a smart dude but now I know I can fly and I like it a lot

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You are welcome to suggest anything you’d like to be changed about the forum in the meta category :)

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Ok Carson where do we talk about this ?

Well, if you would like to suggest anything, search before you do it, if a similar topic exists you should post your input there. However, if you can’t find anything similar you are free to make a topic.

See that’s what I’m talking about … There is no reason to be so rude Carson …soooo aggressive