Grading System Change

With Global right around the corner do you think the grading system is going to change? Personally I think so because it will be easier to achieve the 200 hours needed for Grade 5. What’s your opinion?


I cannot imagine it not changing. Getting hundreds of landings needed for higher grades is much harder and time consuming with longer flights.

Just to give an example, a lot of the alpha testers lost their grade 5 status because they were putting in the time with long hauls, but not getting the landings needed to maintain their grade.


I personally think FDS should lower the landing requirements, as people will be doing less flights because they will be longer.


Also, because of the ridiculous amount of XP farming that will happen with the introduction of LNAV and the entire planet, the XP required for every grade should be increased.

I say Decrease landing requirment, and increase XP requirement. And get rid of that landings in 90 days thing.


I wouldn’t say get rid of it, by definetly change it to something like 120 or 180 says.


Exactly, that doesn’t always work

I completely agree

It’s 250 😉

Overall, flight time will be easy but landings will be hard. Increasing XP and time might work, but we should play it by year to see how it turns out after global.


I just got 80,000 XP (Barely grade 4) and I’m so happy I just got grade 4 and really hope that when it changes I won’t go back to grade 3. (Since I’m on the border)


providing you don’t get any violations of course! I have been Grade 3 for…a while… have all the sufficient XP, total landings and hours etc for 5 however its the landings in last 90 days that keep me as a 3…and I am happy with that! However when I was watching Usan Bolt in the 100m sprint final last weekend, I didn’t set my speed after take off and picked up some violations which has booted me down to Grade 2 for a week! Oh well total Pilot error, its a fair cop guv!

I think that the “90 day average” actually needs to be expanded to include XP, Hours as well as landings in the last 90 days I order to achieve 3, 4 & 5 I think that will be a fairer way of doing it as the flights will generally be longer flights after global is released.


Maybe grade 5 will be a privilege then instead of a normal encounter.

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Maybe decrease the violations number for Grade 3 to 1 in the last 7 days? I think that might decreases some troll users on Expert

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I think you mean “Increase” number of violations in the last 7 days…? If you decrease it then all you do is allow more trolls to get on expert!


Personally, I think they should completely remove the landings in the past 90 days because one, they are pretty annoying and they will lower your grade if you don’t keep the landings up, and two, we will be doing long flights. We won’t have a lot of time to do landings.

Regarding XP, I think they should increase it since we will gain a lot of XP while doing long flights. However, some of us might lose our current grade due to the changes. If we choose to be patient, then we can get our grade back.

Now it’s the time for me to prepare for the changes in the grading system.


If anything it will be harder because the map is expanding. I cant imagine any situation where it will be easier to reach 200 hours.

I agree with this though:

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Annoying isn’t a good reason to get rid of something.

That’s the purpose of it. It assumes that if you aren’t landing enough you are out of practice and don’t deserve to go to the expert or whatever.

Not everyone you know.

There’s a problem with getting rid of it: Someone who was active but has been inactive for 6 months and therefore is out of practice and does not deserve a high grade is reworded with the ability to fly with the ones that are active and are not out of practice.

I know it may be more impractical than the current system, but I think testing should be required for the expert server. With controllers becoming even more thinly stretched, pilot’s intelligence will need to increase to ensure they are able to function on their own, and without the threat of ghosting due to lack of IFATC. Nothing too detailed just to ensure the basic knowledge is there, perhaps:

  • Remaining in the pattern vs Departing
  • Fuel loads and calculations
  • Taxiing procedure and right of way
  • Speed restrictions



You could just have a written test within the app when a user achieves grade 3.

My thoughts exsactly

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I think the ghosting system needs changing - sorry if i’m the only person who thinks it’s a little harsh at the moment?

I would like to see a tiered ghosting system whereby ATC’s can select a ghosting time based on the offence.

For example if someone is flying around an airport at 2000ft in a F22 at 1000KIAS then obviously the standard 3 day ghost should apply.

However people do make petty mistakes. Silly things such as forgetting to request taxi to parking after landing or incorrectly inputting approach instructions. Possibly a 12/24 hour ghosting for such offences that aren’t directly disadvantaging the game for other players?

This could also be reflected through an appeals procedure where a player can shorten the length of their ghosting through conversation and reinforced input from the ATC.

Do remember the app costs money and i just feel like my money is being wasted when it’s being spent doing pattern work at TS1 KNUC for such a petty mistake.

Just my opinion anyway, don’t know if anyone would agree with me on that?


Really? I don’t think we need to increase the XP limit at all. Instead base the system on the professionalism of your flight. The current XP system promotes farming already increasing it would only increase the pressure to farm. The system I suggested would eliminate farming via IF Connect or LNAV and force people into actually flying their aircraft.