Grading system bug

Hi, I was a grade four before a flight. After which, having received no violations. I find I am now a grade 1. Why??? I looked at the stats and they are completely wrong, and certainly not the stats I had before!

I have noticed a lot of strange things happening on the server today, and am hoping that it a part of this. Please explain!

The system seems to have given me six (mysterious) violations on this screen, but I didn’t actually commit the violations in question. The post flight screen (which I wished I had copied) clearly stated that the flight received zero violations.
I did, however, receive a warning at around 9,900 at 254 knots, which a second later was at 247 - and was due to a 13 knot gust, and not pilot error to begin with.
So what is actually going on?

The rating system needs some fixing.

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Those 6 violations are the reason why you are grade 1


He never got 6 violations.

Yes, he has 6 violations.

No, I never GOT six violations hence this bloody report!!! I had ZERO violations - and the post flight report stated as much. I haven’t had a violation in an extremely long time and is a major reason why I’m pissed this has happened!!!

Did you get over speed on taxi warnings?

Deleted all your stats. April fools lol.

lol - I hope so… havent checked again since.

Nope! nadda. zip, nix, nothing!

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