Grading Question

Hello everyone. I’m going to buy Live next week or so. It’s the first time for me, so I have a question. Once you have reached the Advanced Server, and you make some mistakes or don’t play often do you go back to Playground? So if you crash your plane and you get a violation or you don’t play Live anymore for let’s say a week or so, can you not acces the Advanced server until you play enough again?

To enter the advanced server you need to be grade 3. To hold grade 3 you must not get more than:

  • 2 violations in one day
  • 5 violations across three days
  • 2 ghosts in one day
  • 3 ghosts across three days

There are other factors such as XP, landings etc but these are behaviour-wise. Crashing won’t necessarily get you a violation unless you land and exceed 35kts taxi speed on a taxiway or exceed 250kts below 10,000ft. Hope this helps :)


Thanks a lot! That explained my question.


More info here :)