Grading issue

Did anyone have access to your apartment or house at the time? I could come up with hypothetical theory.

You keep saying that you didn’t fly during this period, but there’s no other explanation if someone didn’t have access to your device. Perhaps you could share a screenshot of your logbook so that we can rule out you not flying, and therefore help you more efficiently?


As I’ve stated repeatedly…
The flight I started on the 6th ended nowhere because I left for my drill with my iPad on my desk…so obviously it died. Good we both understand that.

So now while I’m at Ft Ham. an entire day later, it turns mysteriously…boots up my game? Help me understand

Only the moderators can see your logbook, we can’t. As members of a community, and not a moderator, can you provide a screenshot of your logbook, and your replays?

Also what type of violations were these, and when did you receive them during the flight (if you can see this)

You started it, then left. You recieved violations, then Your iPad died. Simple?


I started a flight on the 6th…my iPad died…

There’s a completely different flight on the 7th that has violations.
Maybe reading the actual issue would prevent you from just blabbing. No? I understand you’re trying to help but read before responding guy.

Can you send a screen shot of your replay list? Note that the replay list is different from the flight log book.

The log book may show two flights when crossing over into multiple days GMT time.

Unless you physically deleted your replays, your replay will show the flight which you received the violations on.


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