Grading issue

Hello, so yesterday I did a flight and everything went well.
I logged in today to do a flight and see 4 violations from a few days ago when I didn’t even fly.
Can this be fixed please??
After yesterday’s flight I was at grade 3. Great flight.
This morning I’m at grade 2 for having violations from 4 days ago?? That makes no sense. Please fixed this issue.

Have you checked your replays to see how the violations occurred ?

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I haven’t seen it in the replays.
But it shows in the logbook.

It’s impossible because I didn’t even fly on the 7th.
I wasn’t even on my iPad at all because of work. How does this even happen?

Bear in mind that the dates + time are logged in UTC/GMT/Zulu, not local time.
But i would indeed as previously stated, recommend that you look at the replay from the same flight that the violations occurred on.


I’ve been aware of that.

I just need this fixed. There’s no way I have violations for a flight that never happened to begin with.
Not sure if that makes any sense to you, but for me I’m still puzzled by that fact.

Have you checked your replays? Violations does not appear out of thin air I’m afraid.
What is your current callsign and display name?


I’m not seeing it in my replay section.
Name: Mikhail Anthony Bon
Callsign: MISKO Heavy

Also…look up Fort Hamilton on a map, and then look up the Williamsburg bridge.
The distance between the two would make it impossible for me to go from drill to my apartment then back to drill.
This is not cool at all.

Check the logbook on which flight it was. Look for the same flight in the replays. Then review the replay and find where the violations occurred and why.

If no one else used Your device, it’s Your fault. As mentioned, violations don’t appear out of nowhere…

Okay, so who did a flight on your device from KBOS that started around 06:44 ZULU September 7th that ended up in a crash 16 minutes later?


If you’re able to find out please let me know.
Because as far as I know, no one was in my apartment on the 6th before I left…and no one was there when I got back.
And as far as I know no one has my credentials.
If I was able to I would provide you with logbooks and training times to show you that I was actually on base for my drill.

Hi! I dont want to question this, but, ¿Do you live with people than have got you password?

Review what @schyllberg has posted. Did You fly out from KBOS? Don’t forget to convert 06:44 Zulu to Your time, that’s almost night in the Americas and the morning in Europe.

As I said, check the replays for a corresponding logbook entry. It should be there. Search for a flight out of KBOS.

I live alone

Did fly out of Boston? Yes.
Did I fly at all on the 7th? No, I was at drill.
No has access to my iPad, or my apt.

Depending on your timezone, it might have been on the 6th :)


Zulu time is 4hrs ahead of us in NY.

That would have been around 1100 hrs on the 7th.
I get that you don’t want to admit that I’m not wrong or at fault here, but honestly asking the same questions and repeating the same thing over and over doesn’t help at all.

Or better yet, if you can explain to me how would my iPad magically turn on from being dead for 2days while I was away to being on and running a game by itself.

I’m sure if you check the logs it clearly shows the flight I took on the 6th(the last one I did) ended no where because my iPad died after I left for my drill. I got back on the 9th…so please explain that…

Oh, thats very weird.

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Or better yet, during my flight yesterday, why wouldn’t it have shown my grade as 2.

I’ve had grading issues before so I’m very careful to check that REPEATEDLY to make sure it’s all correct.

Really, i don’t understand this…

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9/6/2019 5:31:38 PM ZULU you started on a flight from KBOS which ended after 6hrs and 40 minutes (9/7/2019 12:30:01 AM).

And roughly 6hrs later, the flight you received these violations for started from KBOS.