Grading and ranking system

hi thanks in advance for reading my post and sorry if it sounds silly.

basically my question is regarding the ranking system related to myself.

if I’m looking correctly it says achieve 50k to advance to rank 4 ?

any tips for increasing my score on a faster term ?

also I’d be interested in advance server atc, unsure if I am eligible.

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You need to be grade 3 to have access to advanced server,if you want to rank up just fly around a lot and dont get to many violations.

Do touch and go’s


much appricated. thanks heaps

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thanks for that

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hi David and welcome to the forum!

On the App if you go to the setting button (top right) you can open a page which has the requirements for each grade as well as your current requirements (a ‘?’ by your current grade will open this page) . As well as ‘XP’ it also relates to number of landings and violations that you have as well.

If you are interested in becoming an Advanced ATC then if you go to the ATC section of the community pages, one of the pinned threads will tell you the requirements on becoming an Advanced ATC as well as who to contact. Howeevr would recommend that you get to Grade 3 and practise being ATC on the Playground server first to learn the basics!

Happy Contrails.

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thanks and appricated your reply what you guys have posted is very helpful.


I’m also assuming a touch and go is landing then taking off again ? with out taxiing to parking ?


Yes, I believe the system counts it as a landing and a takeoff, thus more XPs :)

ah very nice. thanks I’ll be sure to try that.

Yes so you stay on the same runway and don’t stop

cool as . thanks

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Hi…One more thing always follow instructions ATC.though you play in PG.happy landing

“Always”? No thanks lol

"UP to YOU"lol

Thanks for acknowledging it because I wish to ask you.

always lol

Must follow instructions on advanced. Don’t have to care for pg though but it would give people good expierience.

ive noticed it’s wise to follow instructions

Some Playground ATCs are nimrods lol

When you’re parked, he asks you to say intentions… I mean, the plane is parked right? Lol some people…

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