Grading and app issue that needs to be fixed soon.

I honestly would like to know what’s going on with this system. The past couple days the system has been shutting down my flights. I’m jot sure why.
I should’ve been at Grade 4 already, but yet nothing gets registered.
Now yesterday I did a flight from LAX to IAH on a 777. Everything went well. However during the course of me going to bed and opening the game today I incurred 6 violations?? How does that even make sense??
So not only am I paying for a service, the service now doesn’t work and robs me of the time that I put into it. I am THOROUGHLY upset about this. It needs to be fixed ASAP. Seriously, as much as I love the game I am very close to cancelling because of this.

Can you see in your logbook the reason for the violations?

What is your callsign?

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Callsign - MIKSO

It says 2 Aerobatics violations and 4 speeding violations.

That was not even there at the end of my flight. So how does that happen without me being on the app??

Again, could we see the logbook and possibly grade book? And, just so I know, which aircraft were you flying? You could have been overspeeding the aircraft, which also leads to a violation.

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Callsign - Mikso Heavy

Looking at your flight log it appears that you made it to Houston but then your flight plan ran out while you slept so it kept circling and circling. You started to descend uncontrollably which is usually what we see when you run out of fuel. This is what generated the acrobatics since you were near an airfield. You were also going 600kts ground speed well under 10k feet so that resulted in your speed violations.

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You probably misread me. I landed fine in Houston last night. Meaning after I landed, I closed the game and went to bed. If ever I do long haul flights I do routes that normally go past 7-8 hrs, for this exact reason.
So I’m not sure how the game could possibly give me violations that I didn’t incur on my own, when I wasn’t even logged into being with. It’s not fair at all.

Your first violation occurred at 12/18/2018 6:24:38 AM +00:00 ZULU time. Which would be 1am EST/12amCST.

Maybe you did not close all the way and were still flying? The last position I show was 60 feet off the ground going 600 kts ground speed. I do not show a landing occurring at the end.

Violations will roll off in a few days.

No, I guarantee you that I landed properly.
My speed at landing was 170kts, full flaps, gears down…
After I landed and got my score which reflected no violations, then I closed the game like I always do.
At 0100 EST I was sound asleep. So there’s no way I could’ve still been flying. I’ve gotten violations before so I know they take a week to come off, but this is clearly not my fault, and I’d like them removed and my scores fixed please. I am truly not happy about this. Honestly!

170kts on either 777 is way to fast on approach or in general. Thats the VFE (Maximum flap extended speed)! Due to the Aerobatics violations, it seems like you might’ve spun out of control… Could we please see your logbook; maybe this was due to a previous flight…

Well something isn’t right then, the system records your data very well, so what you are saying doesn’t line up with data recorded by the system. Violations are only removed if the system had an error, but if you can not provide proof of it glitching out, sadly nothing can be done. Chris has provided a comprehensive break down of what happened, he has the ability to see these things as a mod, and it showed that you were going 600knts, these are not assumptions, these are facts.


Well clearly I’m letting him know that there was an error. If I’m aware that I landed correctly before closing the game, then clearly it’s nothing on my part. I’ve gotta violations before I know how they go, but if I’m this adamant about it, that shows that I want this fixed because it’s no fault of mine.

I get what you are saying but it simply does not match up with what we are seeing. I will take another look and see. Could you be confused with your previous flight into LAX?

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Hey there, Chris asked me to take a look into this on my end in case it was an Infinite Flight error.

The data I can see shows your aircraft circled over the Houston area for a couple of hours before descending and crashing (accruing the aerobatic and overspeed violations). Unfortunately, we don’t have any information to show that it was a system error.

If you do see this happening again in the future, we would appreciate it if you can take a screenshot and let us know directly so we can investigate it in more detail. Thank you for your understanding :)


My goodness.


I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to prove that I landed or that something went wrong other than my word, and being this adamant about but okay. Being that there was no glitch whatsoever and it’s all my fault I’ll wait it out

Thanks for reaching out I guess!

Maybe if you had taken screenshots of you on the ground, or a photo of the end card.

Speaking from experience, the IF data is pretty good and the moderators on here will do a great job of reviewing all the facts. That’s the risk you run when you do a long haul flight and go to sleep or step away. Case in point: last week I was doing a short flight, stepped away and was hit with 3 over speed violations because the winds shifted. I went from Grade 4 to Grade 2 after I closed the app and realized what happened. Now I have to wait a week to get my status back. Not much you can do, but chalk this one up and keep a closer eye on things next time.

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Alternatively, you could just do what the rest of us do… Which is calm down, deal with it and wait for the violations to wear off…


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