I was yesterday on grade 2 now I’m on grade 1 how strange it keeps happening to me recently I need help!

Maybe your picking up voltations

Yeah check your violations

No I don’t have a lot of violations ;)

Maybe you got ghosted?

I think I might of thanks for your help @Carson please close this topic :)

Can you provide a screenshot of the stats table?


Wait a sec.

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Need to see a screen shot of the grade page for your account. Remember that your grade can very easily change daily. Each day forward will add to your grade stats, but also subtract from the oldest recorded day backward at the same time. If the newest recorded day is lower than the earliest, your stats decrease. So on and so forth.


Thank you!

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Please help me. Im grade 1. But i cant see my count of landings xp why? And i cant hear Atc and not airplane there just me

Perhaps there isn’t any traffic around you? Or perhaps you didn’t enable High for Live Traffic?

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