How do you get your grades up in ATC?

When you control your operations count go up

When your flying it’s a different matter your grades will go up depending on your Violations:Landings ratio and flight hours

Ahh right I was just looking at the IFATC Recruitment post at it said “Minimum Grade to Enter Expert Server (Grade 3)” or something like that and I don’t know if I am grade 3?

I currently have 230 operations.

To get into IFATC these things need to be present

Your grade is Grade 3 on IF
A maximum of 500 operations and above

To see your grade launch the IF app tap fly online and in the top right of your screen will read your grade

Ahh right so I would need to do some flying as well?

Yes long hauls and touch and goes are recommended to get to Grade 3

Ok thank you, any idea how long it takes?

It took me around 6 months maybe
from grade 1
. But it depends on how active you are with it.

Depends on how long you do it for it could take less than a day if you don’t pick up and Violations

Ahh right ok, thanks for your help!

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