I have bought infinite flight app yesterday. As i have seen in the group. Why did they have that so called grades but me i dont have?

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Do you have live?

No. Is there live if you are new

You have to pay $4.99 a month or $50.00 for one year (all planes and regions included for use during that period)

There is subscriptions. A one month subscription ($4.99) or a year subscription which is 50 and get all regions+planes unlocked

Oh you beat me to it lol

By like 60 seconds too xD

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Ok. Thank you

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Hi Vincent, welcome to the infinite flight community.

You’re problem is because your not on Live. Singleplayer Infinite Flight does require grades because there’s not other people or servers.

Live is a multiplayer set of servers which operate for pilots of Infinite flight and ATC. It’s only accessable by payment.

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