Hi. How do I get to get to grade 3 in IF?
Please give me suggestions as they are Highly recommended.

Look at you grade table and you should see all of what you need to reach it.

A flight a day from KSFO to KLAX


You need to reach the requirements.Check your grade table to find them :)

Getting to Grade 3 is easy.

  1. Fly long haul all the time. Grants you massive amounts of XP and flight time but decreased rate in landings.
  2. Just grind landings. EHAM is a good place for that. (Always do this on Casual so you don’t get violated, ghosted or reported)
  3. Do short haul.

These are tips I followed into grade 3. Hopefully it helps you!

Touch & goes are very helpful too.

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A flight a day makes your grades go away 😂


No, its… a flight a day, makes your grade increase day by day.

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5 violations a day will keep you weeks away.


As @GatwickGuy states you need to keep an eye on the violations. Learn how you could get them ( and how to avoid them!) also learn how to interact with ATC (again check out the tutorials to see how it works).

Whilst you are using the tutorials to learn about ATC and violations, keep flying, try one long haul flight and a couple of short haul flights a week whilst also improving your flying skills by doing Touch and goes.

Good luck

level is not the most important, the most important is to gain experience.
make sure you have enough knowledge to get there, so you do not complain if you do not respect the rules and this leads to a violation.

Unfortunately, I am very busy and it may be in the summer since I am in the middle of schoolwork and prepping for finals. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
Very much appeciatted.!

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Firstly if you need advice I recommend that you send us a screenshoot of your grade stats, being a grade 5 pilot I should be able to tell you what your missing.

I go to KNRC on the casual server with the Cessna Citation X and just do touch n’ goes with this pattern: image

It gives you lots if xp.


To reach grade 3 you need 50 landings, no more than a 0.50 landing/violation ratio, 40,000 XP, and 10 hours of flight time. I recommend doing touch and goes at KDEN with an F22. Best way to get XP. You can also setup long hauls as those get you XP and flight time!

SR22 or 208 Caravan - KLAX and KHHR.

Do what I do, 6 landings per day and a multi hour flight on the weekend. That’s what I do and I’m a grade 5 pilot.

Thanks. I will try that!

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