I’m not sure if it’s just me that doesn’t understand it or anyone else. But why is it so hard to gain your grade in IF but yet so easy to lose it? And yet you get so many deduction points and it takes a fortnite for them to go away. Can anyone explain this?


To make higher grades worth getting. If they were easy to achieve, everyone would be a highest grade, thus making its value pointless.


Hey there!
Not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for, but this post could prove beneficial :

As far as “deduction points,” I think you mean violations. Here is a great thread that describes violations and what causes them.

If you need anything else, let me know! I’m happy to help. :)

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Thank you. Just putting this out there because I have 917hrs of flying. I fell asleep during one of my flights (granite I shouldn’t have done a flight if I was going to fall asleep) I was just about 50mins out from landing and I passed out. Got 6 violations because of speeding below 10k because I ran out of fuel. IF support said “happens to the best of us” sorry but I do pay for my subscription. I fly in VAs. The amount of time and money I’ve put into this app makes me question.


With that said. I really really do LOVE IF but a little crazy


It happens to the best of us ;)
Nice thing is that the violations don’t stay with you forever, right? :)

Yea I know and I agree. They don’t stick with us. But the amount of time I’ve put into my flights and I get “happens to the best of us” lol. A little unsettling.

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Truth is, we all get violations. I understand the frustration of finding out I’ve just gotten a violation (or a few) for a seemingly unfair reason.
With that said, is there anything else I could do for you? :)

Yea just super frustrating. Thanks @MrMrMan

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Anytime! Safe flying :)

Roger that. About to land in KLAX. (Not falling asleep this time) lol. Safe travels for you🤙🏼

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I may add that, the more experienced a pilots gets the less mistakes he is thought to do.

When you hear about a Captain who have flown for 40 years you most likely think that he or she shouldn’t nake any begginner mistake but in reakity we all do.

I for an example, after years of flying in IF, after gaining 4000hrs under the belt still I received a Violation last week and another one this week as a result of not being careful. So it happens to everyone. We all have overslept and woken up by a crash screen and 6 vios 😅

So it’s inevitable that we humans make minor mistakes like these although the higher you go in your Grade the more people expect you to do right from your experience, since it’s your knowledge and hard earned time that has brought you where you are today. And ahould give it away easily.

Anyway have a safe landing at KLAX. It’s from our mistakes that we learn our own faults and correct then thereafter 😊


Same heree from yesterday as well. Was a needless violation

Yea thanks man @Captain_JR. I agree it is just frustrating. Put long hard hours in. I still will always continue to fly the infinite skies👌🏻

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It does really suck. I do know it was a mistake on my part. Should’ve been awake for the landing. But just happened to fall asleep. It just sucks because I’m in a VA and I can’t do a lot of the flight with everyone else because they are in the expert server. Oh well lesson learned

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See, the great thing about it was that you admitted that it was partly your fault. Most people blame the sim. Hopefully you reach that max rank in the VA soon! See you in the skies,


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If you at, say grade 3, you should know the basics of flying on servers like Expert. So why should you break them. I can admit, it’s sometimes frustrating when you get over 250kt below FL10 without knowing,

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In fact, it’s only 7 days before violations accumulated fall off. Also, I think you might’ve spelt ‘fortnight’ wrong, it’s a timestamp, not a shooter game…:)

Why don’t you just do shorter flights ? With your amount of hours the only parameters that will make you get a higher grade is the amount of landings (total + last 90 days). Do some shorter flights, nothing more than 2h and you will grade up fast.

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