Hi guys! I was just wondering how mnay flight hours it would take me to get to grade 3, i am currently a grade 2 pilot 5k XP

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10 Total Flight Hours are required for Grade 3. Also 50 Landings and 40,000 XP :)


10hrs for Grade 3.

You can see this yourself by opening the grade table :)


I see it will take you a while though (Ive been grade 2 for 9 months and only have 22K xp 😭)
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9 months? Fly 1hr every day, with a few touch and goes and you’ll get there in no time.


Yea I got my grade 3 in 1 and a half months

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Ok, I’ll try to Mr. BB8

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Seeing you need 40kxp to get there it may take you around 35 hours of flying. However XP and hours do not match up entirely, EG it took me 104,000xp before I had the rest of the requirements for Grade 4

You can do a lot of touch and go’s but refrain from doing them at KNUC as it causes a ton of stress on the controllers :)

jk do whatever you want


I got my Grade 3 in 7 Days

Question answered, and then some.