Grades: Practical? Perfect? Realistic? Fair?

Just throwing this out here and I am not really interested in irrational commentary.

I believe the 90 day grade parameters are a tad bit unreasonable for a paid app. I did some cursory metrics and I came up with the following (I ROUNDED UP BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DO 2.XX LANDINGS):

If you only use the app every other day or 45 days of the “last 90” parameter
For Grade 4:
Flight Days = 45
Landings Needed (to meet 100) = 3 (rounded up)
Minutes (to meet 10 hours) = 14

For Grade 5:
Flight Days = 45
Landings Needed 5 (rounded up)
Minutes (to meet 20 hours) = 27

If you can only manage to use the app once every 3 days or 30 days of the “last 90” parameter
For Grade 4:
Flight Days = 30
Landings Needed (to meet 100) = 4 (rounded up)
Minutes (to meet 10 hours) = 20

For Grade 5:
Flight Days = 30
Landings Needed 7 (rounded up)
Minutes (to meet 20 hours) = 40

Now it may seem like not much of a task, but what if you have a work projects regularly that last 2 weeks straight; or School finals to study for; perhaps you are in the hospital for a week; 2 week vacation or honeymoon; Screen cracked badly and have to wait a few weeks to get it repaired; you fill in the reason?

I think as long as you meet the minimum overall flight hours; experience level; and overall landings you should be fine. I know in the real world you have to maintain a minimum and I think we should here as well, but the “last 90” should be much lower.

Seems like a Grade 5 who worked VERY HARD to get all that experience; did all those hours; and landed a ton, has to work INCREDIBLY HARDER than someone who is a 3. So let me get this right, the more you use the app and gain expertise, the harder it is to maintain it…nonsense.

I am not just a complainer, I do have a solution, but I’d like to hear others on this.



Grade 4 and 5 are just for show, there is no need to get those in order to unlock features. Grade 3 is enough for access to all servers.


I personally, speaking from advanced ATC point of view, like the new grading system. I see nothing wrong with it.

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Even if you have grade 1, you can access the playground server which I know isn’t perfect and serious but can still give you a lot of enjoyment.

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I think this is new to be changee. I’m toed of Sony people taking of groin the taxi way or not obeying ATC. They don’t belong here yet.

i think playground have to be accessing only from grade 2 or 3


Grade 4 and 5 may seem like hard work only if theres a rush mindset and the lack of time to do so.

Ive been on grade 3 for a fair bit and i fly as and when i like. If im fooling around, i go on free flight, i still get the logged time and experience. If im serious that day i fly in advanced.

Slowly im getting closer to grade 4 and i do not even play everyday. I think grade 4 and 5 really shines as an award by developers to acknowledge the effort people put into IF.

These people make sure they fly by the rules and avoided penalties at all costs. This makes a very favorable environment for the other members here who are serious in aviation business.

Even if you could play once a week, if you take it slow and do it right, im sure you can get it too.