Grades in solo

I am a flyer who doesn’t have a Live or Live+ subscription, and I kinda want to get a grade to see how much flying I have done. I think the “grades” feature should be implemented on solo.


The only thing about this is that there wouldn’t be any use for grade levels in solo.


Was just about to say that.

Exactly, for me there is no use…

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Bt wouldn’t you want to see the amount of hours and total landings you have done?

The whole purpose of having it in Live and Live only is to compete with other pilots standings. Why do that in solo when its just you. Your not competing with anyone else.

you can check out the hours that you have done by looking at your log book under settings. However I don’t think that it keeps track of the landings that you have made.

Same I don’t have live ;(

Niether do I :(

Landings dominated by short finals.

In solo flight, there is no log book

they must have moved it since I checked it last…but you used to be able to check a log book to see what flights you had done!

Just checked, log book is still there!

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