Grades in Infinite flight

I have a confussion that what dose grade means in the game n how it can b level up…for example grade 1 to grade 2 or garde 3

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It’s just a rank at grade 3+ you can access expert server


Click your name at the top right of the live screen, and you will get all of your information. It is just a rank based on xp, flight time, landings, etc. Welcome to the community btw :)

This can help you.


Grades are based on flight time, number of landings and XP points that you earn.
Grades 1 and 2 are restricted to the Training Server while 3 and above can use the Expert server.

You increase your grade by earning more XP, landings and flight time. Just fly and enjoy IF and your grade will go up. Watch out of the the violations on the live server though. They will decrease your points and grade.

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It doesn’t really matter just keep doing takeoff’s and landings I suggest live+ and just do like a 100 nm flight a day hope I can help

It’s odd that I have 325 flight hours, 1 violation, and I’m grade 2…


You know what you did ;)


Hmmmm. there may have been a special circumstance for that… :)


There are ways to level up quicker, though I don’t recommend them. It’s more important to be competent and prepared for Grade 3 and the expert server. I recommend getting the fundamentals to where they are second nature to you, then take the time to fine tune your skills. With that you’ll get plenty of XP, landings and flight time. Keep those violations down.


Whether you know this or not, I’m going to explain it anyways.

When you are on Live, please refrain from flying outside the region UNLESS you’re an part of the Alpha testing team or a moderator. If you are on LiveFlight or Infinite Tracker and caught a glimpse of planes flying in North Korea or China, you know those planes are flown by a moderator (purple aircraft) and/or a tester (default color). Here’s the sad part, when people see testers (default color) that are not moderators or developers (light blue), they attempted a Global flight on their own. Then the next thing is that they flew out of their regions.

You think it’ll work. You’ll think you’re flying Global… No. It will not work. You’ll get your XP set to 0. So,
don’t leave your regions! If you wanna start all the way from the beginning, then get in a plane and start flying Globally. Otherwise, never leave your regions on Live and on Solo mode!

@Captain_Berto you know exactly what you did.


Click on the top right where your display name in IF is written, then you will come to the place where you can see one option called grade, click the i button next to it and then you will see where you stand with your grade and what you can do to go the next grade.

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