Grades 4 & 5 Tag Hex Code

I’m wondering what the hex codes are for the green of the Grade 4 tag and the sand-like-color of the Grade 5 tag are. Could anyone help me out with that? It would be much appreciated.

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Oh wow, I guess I never realized this was a thing

The best way to find out (if a dev doesn’t respond) would be to take a screenshot of one, crop it a bunch, and then upload it to this website:

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The problem with that is that I’d have to find a grade 4 and grade 5 pilot, as I cannot see my own tag.

Go to a busy airport on Live, I’m sure you’ll find some!

I’m a grade 4, if you want I can spawn in at an airport for you.

Would KPLN work for you? ES

Yep! Give me a minute or two

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Here’s the HEX Codes for them, they may be a bit off the actual thing but pretty close.

The Grade 4 HEX Code is #8BCD8F
The Grade 5 HEX Code is #F4D8C0


Thank you, you may despawn. Any grade 5 contenders?

@Qantas094 I want to either get the hex codes for myself, or from a developer, sorry.

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Okay that’s fine, I used this to get the colours if you were wondering.


The screenshot theory seems to not work, as there appear to be multiple shades of green, due to the decreased quality of zooming in, and the blend from green to black. I assume that the sandy color will react the same way.

Edit: Basically I am looking for the main base color, excluding the black outline and the lighter colors surrounding the characters. I just want the main color.

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