Grade3 to grade 1

I was grade 3 before the update or the test of the update and now I’m grade 1 again

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Hey mate,

Are you able to please share a screenshot of your stats and grade table, therefore it would provide some clarity and allow us to assist you further.


Not necessarily. How active you’ve been on the IFC or when their last post was, does not represent or have any relation to their stats in app.


I was assuming they haven’t been on IF as well but I cannot do that I guess.

Could be you haven’t flown in a while

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If you haven’t flown in a while then the rolling landing and flight time counts will have caused your grade to drop.

To maintain Grade 3 you need:

Minimum 15h flight time in the past 90 days.
Minimum 30 landings in the past 90 days.

Hope this helps.

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I been off for a month or less

if you look at landings (90 days) it shows you have 3 landings in the last 90 days and for grade two you need a minimum of 5 and for grade 3 you need a minimum of 15. so you just need to do landings on the live server :)

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It appears you do not meet the requirement for landings in 90 days. For grade 2, you need 5 landings in 90 days and you are currently on 3. To reach grade 3, you need to have and maintain 15 landings in 90 days.

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You only have to do 2 landings to reach grade 2.

2 landings*

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