Grade2 Player on Training Server

I am grade5 a while. I don’t think IFATC solve this Problem and I am also like to fly with oure new members in oure IF fan groupe on the TS so hmmm difficult haha

IFATC solve most of the issues on ES by ghosting…

Exactly. When they get ghosted and bumped down to Grade 2, they hopefully learn their lesson and try to improve.

Yeah :) Some pilots are just too disrespectfull for ES

Yeah okay maybe but I don’t know how it works to join the IFATC so. But this wasn’t my point yet. In my opinion the old rule system was a better one. There was something to work on you’re experience and work on you’re skills to came a grade higher and enter a new server 😜

Well here you can join IFATC if you want :)

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Thanks … I will take a look ☺️

No problem.

But I am also know once you became an IFATC you can’t control ATC on the traingsserver right?

Nope you cant. Much better option is ES.

That’s bad because we have a Facebook IF fan groupe and create a lot of events. Almost I am the guy with the experience that have to fix the ATC on the TS during events 😅 But thanks for you’re information … Appreciate that 👍🏽

No problem :)

They are inexperienced players so what do you expect From training server, and I honestly think it’s too easy to get to grade 2 and 3

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That’s the point. In my opinion it’s to easy to excess the TS

The whole point of the training server is to train pilots. This is called training server for reason. I think I know what point your trying to make. If people mess around on expert, then test that’s an immediate report, but training is to help pilots cope with ATC and rules. Casual is literally do what you want…

I still can’t help but smack my forehead so hard… you’ve been part of the community for 2 and a half years and your asking this question now. 🤦‍♂️

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I think you don’t understand me but thanks for the gently response

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I think there should either be a higher standard for expert server, or a kind of private-ish server for Grade 4 and 5’s with a test similar to IFATc But for pilots with some IF-ATC qualification, with voice/mic ATC. We wish… This wouldn’t happen but it would be cool. This would only he for the full out serious people though because as I said they need all the qualifications and if I was the developer I’d set a maximum of 3 warnings on this server by voice atc, and once happens, they are banned for a certain amount of time before taking the test again…

Ok let’s not turn this into a duplicate features topic. (Says me)

Do you mean as in Grade 2’s should have more training/hours before accessing the Training server? I’d agree, but only to a certain extent :)

To the original question:

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