Grade2 Player on Training Server

Since when are all the new Grade2 players abel to excess the trainingserver? Is this new? The problem is they have no expirience and makes chaotic situations on the traingsserver

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edit: Im stupid. Grade 2’s can access ts

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Grade 2 players can access Training server just not expert

Grade 2 have always been able to access TS for as long as I can remember. Grade 1 has to wait though until they are G2

no there a lot new members with almost no XP and online flights

If they’re grade 2. They have access to Training server.

For training server, you need only 1,000 XP and only 25 landings so that would explain why they appear to have little experience.

I remember 4 years ago when I was beginning with if I need severel XP and Landings bevor excess the TS

Yeah i agree requirments have to go up for all grades

The requirements for the training server changed last year to ensure more professionalism on the server.

Not for all grades, just grade 3 and 4, so it takes more time to get into expert;)

Yeah i agree :) but there would be nice to see more experienced pilots on TS too

But this is not gonna happend. A lot of new players makes a mess on the TS and its get worse more and more. Don’t understand ATC, Wrong Runway entry, Landing on wrong runways and so on. I thought the CS is created to improved you’re skills an learn bevor you go a step further

Remember, Red runways aren’t closed;) so they’re not landing on wrong runways

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This is why it is called the training server. It’s there for new pilots to train and improve their skills before going onto the Expert Server where the professionals are and punishments for lack of professionalism are enforced.

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The training server is a mix of expert and casual. You can do whatever you want, but they are rules enforced, but only violations are punishible.

Hey if you have trouble with this for flying part get to grade to 3 and for ATC join IFATC and all problems will be solved :D

I know I flying also in real life and know what it means

But i agree with Niki some pilots are very disrespectfull… You cant call cutting in line making other aircrafts go round for no reason training :)

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Well they wouldn’t last long on the Expert Server then. If their desire is to advance up to the ES, they will probably be bumped right back down. Then it would be training. ;)