The game is saying that I am on the grid 2 more my grade I 3 he went to 2 without taking mutates

Can you be more specific? Were you ghosted? Did you receive any violations?

I was on the runway to take off and there the tower cleared me there so that I glued received a warning

Yes it was on that server

I do not remember not

What was your callsign and what airport?

I was in ksan with a b 787-8 avianca time I can not remember


Ok, what was your callsign?

It would be easier for us to help you if you could try to recall the time (even if it is just an estimate) and/or the controller, and callsign.

I do not remember sorry

Look at your device and see what your callsign was. How do you not know what your callsign was when you were ghosted?

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Now yes came here to have a violation a ghost

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