Hi! My username on infinite flight is MattStanding I have been playing this game for 4 years now and I am having a little issue so 3 or 4 years ago I started playing multiplayer from grade 1 then 2 then last year I worked myself up to grade 3 and a week ago I was demoted to grade 2 and I don’t know why it said that I need to wait a WHOLE year till I go back up to grade 3 now I’m in training server and not in expert server as well my XP is 100k+ and I have many landings so I am an expert and should not be in training server.
Thank you fellow reader or infinite flight admin for reading and understanding my conflict.
Goodbye :D


Hey. Most simple thing is is just to show us a picture of your grade table just to make sure we are on the same page before discussing!


This sounds like you have gotten ghosted too many times. How many times have you gotten ghosted in the last year?

So are you guys saying that I will need to wait a year till I enter expert server?

Actually not exactly a year from now, but you need to wait until your first ghosting (from the 6 ghosts listed in the table) expires. Each ghosting will expire a year after the report ;)

Ghostings last one year after it occurs. Say, if your first ghost happened one year ago yesterday, at that exact time the ghost happened tomorrow you will return to Grade 3. However, if you get ghosted again, and the next ghost was in January, you would have to wait until January 2020 to become a Grade 3 again. Otherwise, your stats look pretty good. Hope this helps.

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So how can I know when my violation happened?

Check your replays. It surely must show a red bar in the timestamps, where it directs to when that report had a occurred. The reports might have been from you and atc. But Im not sure, so check the replay and see what the reason it was for.

You will have to wait depending on when you got your first report, Check your replay and you will see how you got it.

When did you first spot the reports? Because if you got it within Late 2018 and Early 2019. The ghost message wouldnt disappear until you dismiss the message.

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Unfortunately so! You will have to wait a year since that 1st ghosting happened. If you want to see when it was, check your replays, and it should say under notes ‘ghosting’ or words to that effect.

Any more questions please do ask :)


They won’t have to wait a year, they need to wait until one ghost has been removed.

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Sorry, changed it. My fault!

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Like almost everybody said. Check your replays, if it was ATC ghost. Please find the ATC on IFC who ghosted/reported you to check on the situation. The might already forgot about it.

Guys, 6 ghosts in a year. Not one.

Most likely that 6th ghost happened before replay was even a thing.

Checking the logbook may help to find the time the 6th ghost will roll off, but contacting the controller won’t be any use. They’re not in a position to reverse a year-old report anyway.

The only thing to do is figure out when the report will roll off, which can be done by counting back to that 6th most-recent and noting the time and date.

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He said a week ago he got demoted, so Replay was out.

Because that’s when the last one that put him over the limit happened.

But that’s not the one that will roll off to bring it back to 5.

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Yes. We know, We are talking about his latest Report though.

Well, that report was over a week ago. If he wanted to appeal it, he could have.

But the overall premise of the thread is the thought that he had to wait a year, and why that was, which is based on using up the allotment of reports over a 365 day period.

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So plenty of people have brought this up already, you won’t have to wait a full year, just until whenever your first of 6 reports occurred, so I won’t dwell on this too much.

What I would like to share here are some resources to help you out, because it appears you are getting a lot of violations and reports while you are flying, and if you continue to get them it will make it harder and harder to move up in the grades. So I’ve linked some resources that should be useful in helping you understand why you are getting violations and reports, and how you can not get them in the future.

Outside of that I would highly recommend reading up on the tutorials section of this forum, a lot of members have spent a great deal of time writing tutorials to explain how to do just about anything you could want to do within the realm of IF. This forum is your friend and a valuable resource to help you become a better pilot, use it to your advantage! This time that you will have relegated to the Training Server can be very beneficial if you view it as an opportunity for growth rather than a punishment.


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