Hey guys I have over 10,000 xp but still grade 2. How do you upgrade to grade 3???

Please help

Tap the (i) at the end of your name and look at Grade 3. The numbers in red are what you need to work towards.

okay so I have 4 hours of flight time. It says 10 in orange is that what i have to do??

That´s exactly what you need to do.

Fly 6 more hours.

thanks and I’m trying to host landing competition if u want to help

Move to support please.

huh man idk what ???

Thanks, but I like flying without competing.

o if u see me I’m on south cailornia at KLAX and my name is N07VQ

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Advanced Server - Grade Update for future references, most of your questions can be answered in existing topics or threads.

@ItsSummit1 I don’t recommend you post that information in public

ikon that but how do i pm people

You are a new user, so you cannot PM people.

You have to get to TL2 for that feature

how do u do that

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