Hi I was in garde 2 and I exceeded the violation limits and it lowered me to grade 1 when does my grade go up again?

Wait 24 hours, then you’ll be back at Grade 2 given that no new violations will be added during that time.

See, for Grade 2 the max amount for violations within 24 hours is 5. You’re at 6. So in latest 24h you’ll be back at 0.

It’s normally just over 24 hours, so as for the servers to register that it’s been 24 hours. Just be patient and it will feel like no time!

Happy flying!

Hey there, looks like you’re racking up a lot of violations. You’ll regret receiving violations in the future (trust me). Just watch your speed and follow aviation law! It’ll make your life a whole lot easier, if you don’t like doing a lot of patterns!

Just remember, don’t get a tone of violations like myself and then have to spend weeks 10 days doing 10 landings per day to get my violation to landings ratio down enough to get to grade 5!

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