Can they lower me in grade? And if you can, how? Sorry for my English jeje

Can you word this differently please?

Who are you thinking can lower your grade

More importantly, why would you want to lower your grade?

If you are asking about violations or Ghostsings, then yes these can lower your grades. These are usually just for a limited time ( 7 days) then you will go back up to your old grade.

You can get violations on the Trainibg Server and Expert for overspeeding in flight, going greater than 250kts below 10000ft or going faster than 35kts on the ground. There are s couple more, but if you look at your log book for the last flight it will give details.

On the Expert Server you can ghosted ( reported) by ATC for various reasons such as not following ATC instructions, taxi through grass etc. Again if you look at your log book it will explain what the ghost was for, also who the ATC was so that you can follow up if you think it was incorrect.

Good luck.


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