Grade Update

I am grade 1 and am wondering how I can upgrade to grade 2 and so on.

Look at your grade table, which you can find if you click on your name in the corner and then on the i next to your grade.


There is no manual way of clicking a button and moving up a grade. Keep flying and landing and you’ll get up the ladder very soon. If you ever want to check your Grade and Stats, head over to your Grade Table. Everyone starts out at Grade 1 and goes gradually up to Grade 5, which is the highest possible Grade one can get to. Just make sure you don’t get Violations, though.


to add to @Namit answer,make sure you have a look at the tutorial section of this forum as there are great guides on how to fly better and more realistic which is all part of gaining the necessry requirements to increase your grade and fly on the expert server.

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