Grade Two - 1st Trainer MP Flight - 1st Violation UGH!

Well I got to Grade 2 - yep me - the guy who left Aerofly for IF for good! Got my courage up and tried my first training server flight from KLAX to KSAN. A short hop. I was so nervous! I didn’t want to mess up ATC and forgot about the speed limit under 10,000 feet. I couldn’t slow the bird down in time and got my first violation. UGH!! I guess I’ll give it another shot tomorrow! That was fun but pretty intense!


Congratulations! Don’t worry too much about ATC. Many people on the training server who work the ATC are either working to practice like me or have no idea what they’re doing :P

It’s okay to get a violation or two, it happens to us all. Good tip: remember to turn off VNAV if you go to sleep or else you’re gonna get hit by a lot of violations.

If you’re ever interested in flying with others, don’t hesitate to reach out, I would enjoy helping you proceed with your IF abilities :)

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Oooo first violations are always the worst!! Glad to hear you are sticking through it!! It’s all good the violation will be gone in no time!! Also don’t stress yourself out too much! It’s the training server you are there to learn and get better! ATC can’t report you in the TS so don’t worry about it just learn and take some notes about it. Watch an IF twitch stream to see some true professionalism within IF and how expert ATC works. Hopefully that helps your confidence! Glad to see you are sticking with it and continuing to learn!!

Learning experience my fellow pilot.

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everyone gets a violation for the first time! it totally normal but it could be frustrating and it hard to slow down on air while descending sometimes but i do recommend if your over 260 and trying to slowdown while descending to your destination, descend at 11,000FT so you can slow down and descend on approach to your destination!

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Happens to the best of us! We’ve all been there. Luckily it’s only a Level 1 and won’t be too harsh on your grade table.

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While you’re figuring out the ins and outs of this game, I suggest using the 737 more often. It’s easy to fly and is highly forgiving. If you hit 10000 going its Mach transition speed (295), I’m pretty sure it can slow down to below 260 within the 20 seconds you have to do so and you won’t catch a violation (CRJs and E-Jets can too but they’re not easy for a beginner to handle).

Also, you can deactivate the AP and pull up in an emergency to either get over 10k or below 260. Happy flying!

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