Grade thresholds in the global future

I don’t know if this has been discussed, but I’m thinking the grade thresholds and xp formula will have to be adjusted when global comes out. I’m predicting there will be controversy over “set it and forget it” autopilots cruising the globe with unattended iPads. Personally I’ll be halfway in that category, I write for a living so I log a few hours cross country while working, shifting my attention occasionally to manage ascents, descents, landings. It’s a little too much distraction with short flights, but I tell you global means no holds barred for me. I promise I’ll answer atc and request transitions but I’m going to be logging 50 hours a week for maybe an hour or two per day of actual full-attention piloting. It’s gonna be sweet but it doesn’t seem fair that folks like me are going to end up as xp millionaires overnight.

Maybe it’s been said, but I submit that there will be a pretty critical need to significantly lessen the weight of flight hours in the xp formula, and increase the emphasis on actual landings in both xp formulae and the grade 4/5 thresholds

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Strongly agree, however XP has little bearing now on your grades… it mostly comes down to maintaining no violations, no ghosting, and keeping your landings current (which I think is a good thing). You won’t get past a grade 3 if you just ‘set it and forget it’ these days

Point taken, keeping landings current is good, works out to 2-3 a day, seems fair. I’m sure there will be quite valid pushback to this idea. I should say though I’m already kind of a set it and forget it pilot and I’m at grade 4 with all criteria more than met except another 50 or so flight hours to grade 5, I can basically snap my fingers and be there once global comes out, somehow seems cheap to me

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I think that in the future, XP will be a bit pointless and grades will probably rely more on landings, ghosting and violations.

True, since LNAV is also being added.

I hope so! Maybe others have different experiences, but for me the 250 hours has been by far the biggest hurdle- I’ve had grade 5 xp for a long time and everything else is lined up, yet still 50 hours short in the total hours. I’m just saying, currently grade 4 pilots are rule-abiding, regular pilots, and there are many of them, like me. Grade 5 functions to reward senior pilots- 250 hrs is a lot- there are far fewer of them. Once we go global, the grade 5 club for more senior pilots gets a lot less exclusive