Grade Table

A few days ago I was demoted to a grade 4 because I hadn’t flown for a few days. I had to make up 6 landings to be a grade 5 again and I did that. A couple of days later I was back to a grade 4 with a 146 landings out of 180 to be a grade 5 again. What’s going on?

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Is this Landings
Or landings in the past 90 days?

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You have to have 180 landings every 90 days to keep your grade 5. It sounds like 90 days ago, you did a lot of landings and since now those 90 days are up, those landings “fell off” and you have to do them again.

Can you please show a screen shot of your grade table?

The thing is the day before I was a grade 5 because I had the 180 landings.

Help us help you please :)

You must be active with landings, and don’t do too many at once, because just as landings of 90 days in 30m go up fast, so they will be removed in 90 days (3 months)☺️

I went on infinite flight today and I’m now a grade 3. I’ve decided to cancel my subscription, there is something wrong here.

The only thing wrong is your refusal to listen.

Also, I thought you canceled your subscription already?


What’s this message all about?

Answered in your other topic