Grade Table Tutorial

Pilots & Controllers!

Welcome to yet another NEW Grade Table. As mentioned on Infinite Flight’s blog, we have new grade requirements. That post can be found here. Infinite Flight has been hard at work valuing feedback and other data to redesign the grade table for easier understanding of various violations. New in Update 20.1 we say goodbye to the words “Reports & Ghostings” as we transition over to “Level 1”, “Level 2”, and “Level 3” type violations. You may notice some changes to the former “Ghosting/Report reasons” as they will all now be renamed “Level 2” or “Level 3” violations depending on severity.

Note: If you are unsure where to find your grade table, reference the topic linked below to guide you on how and where to find this page. Keep in mind, the images in the topic may look a little different but the process is still the same.

In addition to the renaming of these items, its also important to note that we now have MINOR and MAJOR type violations. These are the names that the controllers will becoming familiar with when issuing Level 2 or Level 3 violations.

Lets quickly define what each of these tiered violations indicate:

Level 1 Violation: Level 1 violations are system-identified infractions (same as what we had in 19.4 or any other previous update for overspeed, aerobatics, etc). Controllers will only be able to issue Level 2 & Level 3 violations.

Level 2 Violation: Level 2 violations are considered “MINOR” reports and will disconnect you from the current session. You will have the option to continue flying hidden from view of others or exit the session. You will be able to rejoin the server of your choice right away, including Expert, only if your stats permit you to do so.

Level 3 Violation: Level 3 violations are considered “MAJOR” reports. Receiving one of these will remove your access from the Expert Server for 7 days. Level 3 violations are identical to what you would receive in 19.4 or any other previous update.

The Grade Table Explained

The Grade Table has been broken into 4 categories for easier understanding and viewing of this information:

  • General Pilot Stats
  • Level 1 Violations
  • Level 2 Violations
  • Level 3 Violations

In the Grade Table Explained section below, you will see these categories separated and defined in the order that they would appear on your device.

All grade requirements and limiting factors can be found in the All Grade Table Requirements section.

Grade Table Explained

The column in white is what YOU currently have logged/received as a pilot.

The column in green on the far right are the requirements that you need to meet in order to rank up in grade.

Orange values on the grade table indicate where there may be a deficiency or a limitation that has been met/exceeded.

  • XP - This number is calculated through landings and flight time. This does not represent skill.
  • Total Flight Time - This is the total flight time you have accumulated represented in hours (hrs) and minutes (mn).
  • Total Landings - This is the total number of recorded landings that you have.
  • Flight Time (Hours, 90 days) - Number of hours accumulated in the last 90 days
  • Landings (90 days) - Number of landings recorded in the last 90 days

  • Level 1 Violations (24 hrs) - Total number of Level 1 violations accumulated in the last 24 hrs.
  • Level 1 (7 days) - Total number of Level 1 violations accumulated in the last 7 days.
  • Level 1 Violations/Landing (12 Months) - This is your violation/landing ratio. You will take your total level 1 violation count and divide it by your total landing count. Your amount of landings & violations for the past 12 months are now also displayed in this field. For example:
  1. If you have a ratio of 0.50, it means you have twice as many landings as violations.
  2. If you have a ratio of 1.00, it means you have an equal amount of landings as you do violations.
  3. If you have a ratio of 1.50, it means you have twice as many violations as landings.
    You would want to keep your ratio as low as possible to reach higher grades.

  • Level 2 Violations - Total number of Level 2 violations accumulated in the last 1 year.

  • Level 3 Violations (7 days) - Total number of Level 3 violations in the last 7 days
  • Level 3 Violations (1 year) - Total number of Level 3 violations accumulated in the last 1 year.
  • All Violations (1 year) - Total number of Level 2 & Level 3 violations in the last 1 year

All Grade Table Requirements
Requirement Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Min Total XP - 2,000 50,000 80,000 175,000
Min Total Flight Time - 5 50 120 500
Min Total Landings - 25 100 400 800
Min Flight Time (90 days) - 3 15 30 70
Min Landings (90 days) - 5 30 100 180
Max Level 1 Violations (24 hours) - 7 5 0 0
Max Level 1 Violations (7 days) - 25 5 0 0
Max Level 1 Violations/Landings (1 year) - 0.8 0.5 0.22 0.05
Max Level 2 Violations (1 year) - 10 5 4 2
Max Level 3 Violations (7 days) - 5 0 0 0
Max Level 3 Violations (1 year) - 10 5 4 2
Max Combined Level 2 and 3 Violations (1 year) - 10 5 4 2

Updated 05/2020

Show Violations History Explained

Also new in 20.1, you’re now able to view your violations history all in one place at the tap of one button. No more hunting through your logbook for these items is required. However, for those looking for the controller for a Level 2 or Level 3 violation, you will need to reference your logbook by tapping on the flight where the violation occurred and tapping “View Flight Details” for the controllers information.

Show Violations History Explained

The Violations History screen is organized in 3 simple columns:

Date: This indicates the date, the time in Zulu (UTC) that the violation was issued and how long ago the violation was issued.

Type: This will display in one of 3 options:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Description: A brief description of the violation reason that you were issued. This should be the similar if not the same reason that you were met with when a violation was received in an active session.

Helpful Tips/Information

  • The closer you can get any of the violation rows to 0, the better. Ideally, it you do not want to get any violations. But as pilots we do occasionally make mistakes. It’s important to be honest, reasonable and understanding should you decide to reach out to @appeals for Level 2 or Level 3 matters.

  • A Level 1 Violations/Landing ratio closer to 0 is more desirable. This is what most folks will likely get stuck on. However, its not the end of the world as there are two possible solutions:

    1. Don’t get anymore violations during your flights, and make sure you land at least once in that session.

    2. Take some time away from hauls and do touch and goes (Patterns/Circuits) in a small plane. A small plane is more maneuverable, flies slower, and can complete more landings per 10 minutes than your larger airliner. Be cautious to not fly too aggressive as you could find yourself looking at aerobatic warnings

  • If you find yourself receiving violations on what seems like a regular basis, consider checking out the #tutorials section here on the forum or The Infinite Flight YouTube Channel for some instructional videos.

  • Because Level 1 violations are system generated, these not reversed or investigated unless clear evidence can be brought forward to us that indicates that there was clearly an issue. Example: (falling through the ground while taxiing). Please do not reach out to moderators or staff asking to appeal as our inboxes will be busy enough with Level 2 and/or Level 3 appeals.

To help provide a better understanding of how this new system compares to the old system see the table below.

Old New
Violations Level 1 Violation
Level 2 Violation*
Reported/Ghosted Level 3 Violation

*Note: Its important to understand that Level 2 Violations are new. Level 2 violations now serve as a session removal function whereas the old system removed a user from a server for 7 days. The 7 day removal is still in place and is found as a Level 3 violation.


Please don’t hesitate to leave your question below as others may have the same if not similar question/concern as you.


Man, Deer is really cranking out these tutorials. 😂 But seriously, thanks for the great tutorial.


Agreed with what @Pingu said. Prolly gonna go do some circuitry at KSJC to try and make it to Grade 4.

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But @DeerCrusher why does it look like the two year stuff has been covered up with duck tape?

This is very helpful! However I am slightly confused about one thing.

As shown above, you said that appeals can be used for levels 2 and 3, however the appeals group description says it should only be used for level 3. Which of these is correct? Thanks, and great work!

I made a typo. I’ll correct that. Thanks.

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Also a little trick for those experiencing a crash when they click on the Grade table from any of the home screens (Home, Fly Solo, ATC etc) you can work around that crash by spawning in on live then despawning. You can be in the flight for as short or long as you like, but when you despawn click the i next to your grade and it will show you the grade table without a crash in my experience.

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My IF app is definitely crashing every time i try and click on the grade table app. Is this a bug or does it have something to do with my phone?

@DeerCrusher man do you ever take a break??? Lol that’s not the point, this is a great thing to have in IF and for you to make all these detailed tutorials about them must take time…you have my respect man ✌️

No, that’s a known issue for everyone. For now though, use the i button next to your grade when you exit a flight on the live servers to view your grade table without a crash.

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I do quite a bit. Actually, a reason why I hadn’t replied to you in a sooner fashion. 😁

One of the main reasons I assist in making these tutorials is to assist you guys in understanding these new[er] features right up front. One of the things that I noticed right away was the fact that people wanted to know how something is done or what something means, right then and there. Its great to see people wanting to learn a new task or feature now. To assist in Infinite Flight with some of the more commonly asked and slightly more technical features, I dedicate my time into making these for you.

Generally these tutorials come to light after I realize that it may lead into a scenario such as “Oooh, this might be a challenge for people to understand if we don’t walk them through” or "this is a bit confusing, I might be able to simplify it a bit into a step by step process so that they can follow along".

I really do appreciate the feedback and love to see you guys commenting on your successes and occasional struggles. But I generally try to respond to these inquiries when I can… even if its 3 days later. 😁


Is there a place where we can view total violations received on the account. I believe the current system only stores it for 1 year.

For example, in the IF app, it shows I have 5 violations, however, in LiveFlight, it shows I have 63 total violations.

There is not. Just the total number of Level 2 & 3 violations are all that are shown. LiveFlight would be your only source for something like this or another flight tracking website that uses Infinite Flights API


Hey thanks for the insight on the new system! Also I noticed today after resubbing I was grade 1 (expected cuz I had no landings) but I was able to acess training server at grade 1 is this a changed or bugged?

Training Server should require Grade 2 per the server requirements. If you could, restart your app, and try to see if you’re able to gain access to Training Server. Then let me know so I can pass this info onto the higher ups. Thanks!

Dear Deer, you are precious to all of us !

Envoyé de monaillefone

Alright, this isnt an appeal or anything lol. I absolutely love this new grade table system. Today, i did get 3 violations for ground speed while in flight though lol. I descended automatically because the winds were 140kts on headwinds losing airspeed so i hit the ground but it never crashed but instead gave me 3 vios for groundspeed because i was over speeding 35kts 😂👍

Im not mad though, if my flight didn’t crash then all passengers are safe. I was grade 4 but i only lost 1 grade so i do have access to expert.

Hey deer crusher this is a small loop hole but I had unsubscribed for a time and then when I got it post update it just didn’t refresh my grade to the new table. I mean in terms of bugs it’s not as bad as discord’s api lol

Was your grade reset or does it still look like the old grade table?