Grade table question?

so while I was at work today, I started a 12 hour flight and when I got home, I checked my grade table and I got 3 violations… now I am currently in the process for ifatc and I have to be grade 3. does this mean that if I don’t get a violation for 24 hours, I will be grade 3 again? sorry if this is a duplicate, I couldn’t find an exact answer. please no hate , if it is a duplicate topic, post the thread and I’ll check it out.

thanks to all!!

Yeah you just have to wait 24 hours from the vio and you’ll be good to go!


Just to add on, questions are always welcome here, it’s just having the right people ask them. That’s the definition of a forum. :)


Good luck on your journey to IFATC. I can’t wait to see you join us

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thank you all! :))

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