Grade Table Poll: Old vs New

Hey IFC! @lucaviness here with a poll. Do you prefer the old or new grade table and why? Say why in comments below.

  • Old
  • New

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I really don’t understand why we are comparing them… it’s the same old table just improved.

It’s like comparing the (graphics of the) old CRJ200 with the new CRJ700…


The old one gave more information about what is to come and the new just looks nicer.

You just answered your own question and poll… there is no discussion to be made here except these two points. (Quite closed-end discussion)

I dont like the ghost part. What do i need to do here?

No some people will prefer the sleeker look while others will prefer the older one with more info. Im just trying to get a census of what the general audience likes.

You need to wait a year or something until that drops down.

A year!!! This is why i prefer the old requirements

They are the same requirements, just a different format.

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Yeah, but now i have to wait a year to become grade 4 and then possibally 5(just gotta get them landings) when i could do it this year. My grade is stuck at grade 3 for something that happened 2 years ago☹

Oh that’s to bad. But then again, ghosts are not easy to get if you just follow instructions.

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I like the new one, I have 122 landings in the past 90 days, but the 200 for grade 5 are green xD

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How??? I don’t understand…

I do not too, it´s probably a bug

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Quite a lucky bug. xD

Pointless topic.