Grade table not working?


I noticed I should be grade 3 today but Infinite flight is showing me as grade 2. I checked my stats and it says I have four level 3 violations but when I check violation history there are only three since one went away today. I got the level 3 violation last year April 8th 2020 at 11:31am US EST and its now April 8th 2021 11:55am US EST so I should be grade 3 now. Can a mod help me out?

do a solo flight (t&g, whatever, doesnā€™t have to be legit) end the flight, and it should update your table

Idk if this will help you out but can you try to do a landing on casual and see if anything changes?

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That worked! Iā€™m grade 3 now. Thank you so much!

Glad its working