Grade table not changing

Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max - iOS 14.4.1

Not jail broken or rooted, completely stock.

Any troubleshooting: I have closed the app, deleted it and reinstalled the app. Still has the same grade table.

Issue: I got 3 level 1 violations on the 19th of March. It’s been 8 days since the violation and I’m not back to grade 3 yet. It says 8 days in violation but still grade 2. I have included screenshots to see it better. And I wasn’t sure if I should be appealing or posting it here but it seems like this is a technical issue.


Hey there!

If it is not changing please take a short flight on the training server or casual server and that should solve the issue once and for all!

If it doesn’t solve it please let us know.

I just did a quick flight, it still says I’m grade 2.

How quick was it?

It was 8 minutes flight

I just went to grade 3. Thank you for your help @Average_Gamer

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No worries at all! It is my pleasure. Glad I could help

Have a great day!

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