Grade table issue

Last year I got to many level 2/3 violations, it’s a year later and I am down to 5 level 2/3 violations but it still shows 6/5. The video below shows the issue. (Tell me if the link works.)

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I have deleted and reinstalled the app already and that didn’t work

I’ve seen the video, there I see you are only 357 Days while 1 Year is 365 Days so you still have to wait for 8 more days. Correct me if im wrong

count how many level 2/3 I have its 5 not 6 This is a slow scroll of just the violations history

after I count the total is 5, have you ever tried to do a shorth flight?

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No let me try that

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It worked thanks for the help! Now I need to stay out of trouble 😂

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Sure!, Im Verry Happy to hear That :D

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