Grade Table Issue

Good morning Infinite Flight,

Greeting from the Minneapolis, MN, USA. I have a quick concern about my grade Review. My stats doesn’t match the grade table for some reason. It says I have massed 2 level 3 violations, when I only see one listed currently. This is the only factor deterring me re-access back to the expert server. Also granting me access to be a member of AAVA. I’ve already contacted Gilberto the CEO, and he told me when I got this issue figured out he will review my application again and accept me. I have attached two screenshoots showing proof of the violation miscouunt below. I really hope that this is a glitch in the system, and that it could be resolved…

Thanks in advance,

Can you scroll up or down on the list of vios?

There’s 9 viols showing on screen but 10 violations recorded. Stroll up and I bet your last lvl 3 viol will be at the bottom! Well spotted @dca.iad.aviation

It actually seems to be 16 recorded, 10 level 1, 4 level 2, and and 2 level 3

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Welcome to American virtual I have 464 hours currently

Yep you’re absolutely right. I was too much concentrating on lvl 1 viols per year without taking into account lvl 2&3 viols!

Looks like the other level 3 violation was due to expire today, as it’s been a year. I’ve fixed the issue. All you need to do is restart your app, and you should be good to go.

You should also be grade 3 again

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Thank you so much for taking the time from your extremely busy schedule to assist me Tyler! I hope you have a great rest of your day. Maybe I’ll see you in the skies today haha.

Happy Flying!,