Grade Table Causes App Crash (Separate from Error 8 Issue Earlier) [#1278]

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.02.00 (455)

Device Information

Apple iPhone 8
iOS 14.0.1


At random points, the game will struggle to get to the loading screen from the main menu. When you click “Fly,” you’ll get a spinny circle in place of the “Fly” button that seems to be unable to get past, unless you click “Back” and try again multiple times. Following this, if you quit the app, it signs you out of your subscription, and when I re-log in via IFC and click Grade “View Stats,” the game crashes. No Error 8, however.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Choose an airport and plane to spawn in.
  • Click “Fly.” If spinny circle comes up, then that will result in the following bullet points happening.
  • Once you are able to load-in, restart the app.
  • You will see you’re logged out.
  • Re-log in via IFC.
  • Click “View Stats.”
  • Game crashes. After loading back in, no further issues with account or Grade Table.

Expected results

Expected to be able to view Grade Table without a crash.

Actual results

Clicking “View Stats” causes a crash.

Log sent?


More Information

Only possible to reproduce if you can’t get to the WestJet 737 loading screen.

It seems like there are multiple issues here.

  • You’re getting logged out randomly
  • The app crash when logging in again and checking your grade table

am I following?

Yes. For me, I only get logged out if the spinny circle pops up when I try to load in, and restart the app after I actually load-in.

Correct. Logging back in itself is fine, but if I click “View Stats,” it gives up.

Should I make a separate topic for the random log-out and the spinny circle?

Why are you doing that out of curiosity?

I was trying to see if I could replicate the Error 8 issue with the Grade Table, and got this issue instead.

I somehow got the same issues, but a simple restart of the App fixed it for me…

iPad Pro 12.9
iOS 13.7
IF Beta 20.02.00(455)

its returning, I had the issue now 2 times in a row, both times it was able to fix it with an app restart

Are you talking about this rotating wheel?



If so, unable to reproduce;

Device: iPhone 11
Operating System: iOS 14
Build Info: 20.02.00 (455)
Callsign: B-LUE

Yes, that is what I’m referring to.

Able to repro.

iPad 7th Gen
iPadOS 14.0.1