Grade System

I decided to fly only when I’m having fun and just not paying attention to the idiotic grade system anymore. I don’t want and don’t like to do 3 pattern flights a day to stay in grade 5. I still find 200 landings inappropriate within 90 days and there is no need for any reality.

Absolutely understandable, so therefore 2 other grades exist to let you stay on expert sever :). Enjoy your flights, have fun!


And that’s great! In essence, grade 5 only gives you bragging rights, so high requirements are needed to make these bragging rights worth it for people who fly a lot. For some that grind might be fun, for some it might benefit others, like it happens on ATC training sessions, but if you don’t like it, you don’t really loose anything except a changed tag color if you decide to not pursue it, so as long as you don’t drop bellow the much lower requirements of grade 3 you won’t really notice a difference. At the end of the day, the simplicity of Infinite Flight gives you a lot of flexibility and flying options, so there’s nothing wrong in changing your preferences a bit

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Take a look here at what Misha said about reducing the landing requirements for Grade 4+5:

The only grade you need is Grade 3. Grade 5’s only benefit is the gold banner on your name and as said already it “only gives you bragging rights”.

Misha likes to tell you what he wants. In reality, not even a short-haul pilot with an A320 machine does 3 landings per day! I don’t want to talk about long haul, it’s impossible! If just grade 5 is only meant for a chesna or flight student doing their laps at home meadow airport, then that might be true. But 200 landings in 90 days are an absolute no go for a professional jet pilot.

Life is priority. I’m usually a grade 5 pilots because I do a short haul, long haul, a few trainings for IFATC every once in a while. But when I go to school (college), I drop down grades. It happens and being grade 5 isn’t the end of the world. In reality, if has no affect of how people perceive you to fly, etc. Grade 5 is meant for the devoted and if you have life that gets in the way (which is 100% ok), there’s nothing to be upset about.


This is the whole point of Infinite Flight. Nobody is forcing you to stay at Grade 5 or 4. If you know you can’t stay at doing 200 landings every 90 days then why force yourself to do it? At the end of the day there’s no reward for being Grade 5. I am a Grade 3 pilot and I’m about as good as someone who’s grade 5 or 4 and as a grade 3 pilot I’m not complaining at all. I just fly some enjoyable routes or help out anyone trying to get into IFATC and when I do that I’m having fun and also getting my landings up :)

I’m already looking forward to being able to reduce my grade 5 to grade 3, because in this group you can find pilots who value reality, rather the real jet pilots who retired like me.

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Okay, I think everything’s said.