Grade system on IF

Whats the fastest way to get from a grade 2 to a grade 3?

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On the community trust level system?

No on IF, sorry

Oh my bad. You should make that clearer xD

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Fly as much als you can. Follow procedures as well as possible. More Info here:

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It doesn’t say if you need to fly in ATC playground or free flight, or does it matter to get too Grade 3?

If you’re a grade 2 because of ghosting, it will be 24 hours.

@Dean_Gist… Max Sez… Hours & points accrue on all servers. On IF, If your shaking down a new airframe or just refreshing, master it on Free Flight. (Why chance a minor violation 24 hr downer for Overspeed which is a common misstep for even the most seasoned airplane driver)


I was asking for Dean, really. He’s Grade 2 for inactivity I believe,

If he was inactive then probably he should do 3 landings in PG/FF servers :)

One needs atleast 3 landings in 90 days for Grade 3

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for me was doing 3 TO and landings. I’ve been away for a while but had the rating to be at a G3, but was started at G2. After the 3 TO/Landings, I’m now at G3. Hope that helps.