Grade stuck on level 3

About a month ago i got penalised for not following instructions on approach. I got dumped down to level 3 from 4 but after 4 weeks im still on level 3. Is this normal?

Please include a picture of your grade sheet that shows the various grades and their requirements.


I think this is because you aren’t meeting the current requirements (flight time, XP, Violations) needed.


Make sure you check your “Flight time/Landings in the last 90 days” as that is what always catches me out…


Without a screenshot of the table, it’s pretty much useless to try to proceed. Can you post please?


It’s probably something to do with violations. Make sure you pay attention to what your getting for, then you can improve.

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Or maybe **time flight ** or landings


Post the table

What is the point of us all guessing? This could have been resolved 9 hours ago.


Hey, @Greg_Burns

I wanted to help you but I dont have an idea what is going on as you haven’t posted the table.

Think of the following scenarios in life:
A doctor cant treat you without knowing the signs and symptoms of your condition. An attorney can’t effectively represent
you in court without knowing the full story. The IFC can’t help you in this case due to the lack of the table.

Produce ‘the grade table’ and you’ll be assisted.

Sorry, but its true.

This is probably what he is taking about I have the same issue right now I had one violation in the 7 day que and it expires and I didn’t restore to Grade 4


Check and make sure your landings are at 100!

There’s no issue for you. You need 2 more landings in in the last 90 days to hold your grade 4 status. Next…


Yeah that’s what I was hinting at

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@KevinMc88 make sure your 90 day landing que says 100!

MaxSez: Interesting but not novel. Food for thought; Grades; I’ve been up and down so much I’m sea sick. But that’s life on IF, ya gotta suck It up. My only gripe with the system is the “Double Pump”! I understand that a single speed violation can cost ya. Some time a speed violation is Pilot Error but sometime there system error like when the Autopilot kicks out for some unknown reason while your in chart mode. The penalty, a 1 & 5 day Downer. Kinda harsh punishment for an iffy sometimes blunder. I suggest FDS relook at the punishment chart and reconsider what are major and minor violation… A minor should get you the day off and no reduction in grade. A major violation or multiple violation like, remains on the runway to long, on launch and holding up the Q shoul get you the 7days off and Grade reduction. I believe in though love, apparently FDS don’t love us enough.


I don’t think it has to do with love or hate we have to respect the airspace and respect other pilots and respect air traffic controllers and rules are rules your break them you. Have to deal with the consequences of your actions we are all professionals here mistakes happen but always always always monitor your flight and keep an eye on your speed!

@CSKOG_DMONEY… Interesting observation, unfortunately you’ve misinterpreted my comment. It had nothing to do with professionalism or rules of the road, it dealt with the harshness of a computer generated set of punishment. As for a respect of the airspace and duty, your preaching to the choir son. Gooday, Max

Nope just made
The best sim ever
Coming out with Global
Coming out with MD-11/DC-10
Coming out with CRJ family.
Constant updates
This community
Nope, they hate us


@Pilotmaster2129… MaxSez: Guess I need cautioned when I lay out a machine generated problem including the term FDS. Odviously No greater love haz thou!
Just to assure you that I’m a loyal FDS’er; Herein I pledge my full trust and confidence in FDS. As for the Forum members, FaGetboutit!!!