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I have had 6 reports in the last year. How do I find out when it the reports go back to 5 or when it will reset?

I believe the mods can take a look, shoot one a PM. They disappear after two years.


That’s violations.


As Altaria has said, they reset after 2 years. You will get back to 5 after the first one expires.


@AlphaSeven not from his last ghost. From his first ghost, but do get off your record after 2 years. @Max_LeMaire Exactly a year from your first ghost, will it drop down to 5 in a year. Now depending on how much you fly, you can go to your log book and potentially see the first ghost you received. And then exactly a year from that date will you be aloud back on to expert:)


My bad, meant the last one as if the last one in his logbook. Thanks for correcting me.


Yeah I figured that. I fly a lot. 166 landings in the last 90 days and have 603 total, 1500hrs and just over a million XP points. Ive gone back in my logs a bit and couldnt find my oldest ghost/reporting. I just hate being stuck in grade 2, im missing out on the FNFs and other fun.

If you can’t back track to the first ghost, then i suggest doing what @Altaria55 has said:)

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