Grade Rework

Hi guys!

I lately had a look at the Grade system and saw some major disadvantages.
In my opinion the Grade system should be reworked in some positions.
The Reports should wear off sooner. 2 years is a to long span. I think, that it should be shortened to 1 year. For players, that started of shortly and got to higher grades while still having some reports, this can be game killing.
So please consider a rework!


Thanks and see you in the IF skies,

I am interested in your opinion, so please comment!

2 years is a long time span, but it’s also smt to accumulate 5 reports. I think the existing system is good.

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if they were to get rid of the 5 Ghosts / 2 Years… Then you will have people saying “this person has been ghosted like 10 times this year! How is he still on the Expert Server”…

So to sum that all up: Some people wont ever be happy with what you do - Therefore this will probably stick how it is currently


I agree it should be reworked. But I think it should be done differently. The problem is its too easy to move up too fast before you have a chance to learn what you need to know to operate effectively. Personally I think people should stay on the casual server longer in the beginning until they learn to fly well enough and use the controls. So grade 2 requirements should be increased as should grade 3. I’m grade 3 after 1.5 months playing the sim and I have a real world private pilots license and I still don’t fly on expert much because I don’t feel ready.
Basically I think there should be a time requirement for each grade, like 3 months for casual, another 3 months for training and then after six months expert…

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