Grade reset

So I just renewed my membership and I’ve been reset to grade 1. Is there any way I can get my progress back?

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The way you can get it back is by flying and landing.

how long ago did you let the membership lapse? You’ll be reduced multiple grades if you are unable to keep your 90-day counts up.

What was your grade before?

if you want to back in grade 3 do touch and go

You cannot get your progress back unless your last membership ended within 90 days from when you start the new membership. You will need to start over but I recommend doing touch and goes to earn more landings and complete at least 3 short haul flights per day. Happy flying!

Hi If your have not been keeping active for over 90 days you account will reset for example for grade 3 (if you were already that rank ) you only need 25 landings instead of 100 and 10 flight hours. A mixture of short hall and one or two longhaul flights will boast you back up to grade 3

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