Grade Reset

After the issue with google and not being able to log on I logged on today and my grade and flight time was reset to a new player is there anyway of getting my progress and time back?

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Is it that it’s showing you a blank account with no subscription, or is it that you’ve recently purchased a subscription that’s been applied to a new account? The resolution to this depends on what the current status of things are :)

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It is showing a blank account with the same account and subscription that I have been using for a few months as if my account has been reset and I’m not sure why it is the same account and my subscription status hasn’t changed

What is the callsign and display name for the account you are currently seeing?

Currently the display name is User-13149 and callsign is N131XF

Ah, i see what happened.
You made a purchase attempt in the middle of it all and it flipped over.

I’ve transferred the data from your old account to your new one now, since it was linked with Google.
Restart the app and you should find everything to be in order now :)


Awesome! Thank you for you help I really appreciate it!