Grade reset due to ghosting

Today I was flying on the ATC SERVER and I accidentally crossed over the speed limit and was ghosted. At the time I was Grade 2 soon going onto Grade 3 when I was ghosted and now I’m back to Grade 1. But I still have xp and requirements for Grade 2. In a couple of days time will I be back to grade 2? Please help thanks

What speed limit you exceeded, if 250kts under 10.000ft then it’s violation, and you can’t reverse that, that’s not ghost, ghost is only on Advanced server, and you can’t access Advanced server with grade 2

If you have the necessary requirement for that grade, in 3 days it will return back to that grade. this happened to me. I was Grade 3 going on 4, when I got ghosted on Advanced, got booted down to grade 2. I kept flying and got the requirements for grade four, but needed to wait three days until the violation expired. Then my new grade would register. So you will just have to wait, but don’t worry, it will be back.

you were speeding not ghosting ghosting can only be done on advanced unless 3 pilots reported you on PG which is rare

I think the minimum to fly in ADV is grade 3,are you sure?

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I don’t mean advanced server I meant the air traffic control server and it said I got ghosted when I crossed the speed limit which was 250kts

Like others said, you were not ghosted. Playground ATC cannot ghost. You probably received a violation (or many violations together which ghosts you from the server automatically) for exceeding speed under 10,000ft. Recent violations affect your grade just like ghostings. Avoid receiving any more violations for a few days and you’ll get back your grade.

Sorry,what you mean?we have 3 servers
1)Free Flight Server
2)Playground Server
3)Advance Server.
You said ATC SERVER… wich one is?

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He means ATC playground server

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Yes you can get ghosted on “ATC Playground” if 3 pilots report you.

Oh guys no worries I just got my grade back thanks for your help!

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