Grade requirements suggestion

I think the 90 day landing requirements being used to determine moving up a grade should be revised. Since the global flight feature was added we are seeing much longer flights with fewer landings. I believe it should be based more on total flight hours and landings. 100 landings in a 90 day period to move from grade 3 to 4 when you are flying mainly long haul routes is almost impossible. Even if you were to fly everyday for 30 months.

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I meant 3 months and not 30 in my previous post.

That’s exactly why it exists. Long haul flying is not a skill at all, landings require more so of an interaction with the sim and should in turn give you the necessary skills to earn that grade


The current grade requirements have been in since soon after Global has been released, they have been calculated and reviewed by the staff so unlikely to be changed.

You only need to maintain 5 landings in 90 days to remain access to Expert. IRL professional pilots only need to do 3 landings in 90 days to remain ‘current ‘ so I think the current lavel is fair.


I think that a basic user’s opinion will not change something that has been tested and reviewed by staff.

The reason that so many landings is required is because they want you to be a well rounded pilot. Requiring this many landings means you have to do many touch-and-goes to help improve your landing skills.

Actually think a lot of people would disagree with your comment that long haul flights are not a skill… And you still need to land the plane When you arrive at the destination. My point is that if you had the “skill” to get to grade 3 it should not require 100 landings in a 90 day period to move to 4.

Well I went from grade 2 to grade 5 in a couple of days. All i needed was around 140 landings which i managed to do.

Well for starters everyone is entitled to share their thoughts… and not sure I would call someone with +762K of XP, 1164hrs of flight time and 732 flights and landings “basic”.

“basic” in terms of your TL. IF Grade is a different thing. Great achievement however

I think 732 TL’s should qualify me to move up a grade even if L didn’t perform 100 in the last 90 days. The point I wanted to make is that their should be some variables in the grading process. All that said IF is a great program and it keeps getting better.

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