Grade requirements issues

Just to be sure with everyone i have checked other similar topics yet they haven’t helped my with this issue.

Long story short i was bumped down to grade 1 from 3 and i do have all requirements for grade 2.

If you may be wondering how this all happened, i set up flight on expert, at cruising alt and left it to run from wsss to omdb. Two minuets later i went to check on my devise and turns out the speed wasn’t set in auto… you get the picture, too fast, 6 violations and bumped down, yet I should’ve gone down to 2 not 1.

All help would be grateful.

You might note that 6 is greater than 5…


There’s no issue here. Like Tim noted, you have 6 violations that were accrued today. The maximum number of violations for a grade 2 pilot is 5 violations in the last 1 day. Unfortunately, 6 is indeed greater than 5 and therefore, you qualified to de-rank to a grade 1.

It is extremely crucial and important to pay attention and not leave your device unattended in critical phases of flight. (Takeoff, climb, descent, landing). The only appropriate time to leave your device would be during cruise. Ensuring that all aspects of the autopilot set to the parameters that you want set, is also key to not getting violations.